Best Home Espresso Machine Reviews

Top Home Espresso Machine Review: Finding The Right Coffee Maker

by Red Coffee Makers Co.

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Finding the best home espresso machine for your kitchen requires thought and some research.- You will need to be sure of what your maximum budget is going to be for your espresso maker as they range in price from under $ 40 to in excess of $ 2000 depending on type and capability.



Do YOU want the convenience of a fully automatic espresso machine that does everything for you? Or do you want to grind your own coffee and have control of each step of the process to achieve your perfect cup of coffee.

How much room is available in your kitchen for the espresso machine? Bear in mind that Espresso makers vary in size and shape considerably. Do you want this machine for daily use or the occasional cup of espresso? You will need to give some thought to robustness and reliability.

Here is a run down of the types of home espresso machine you will come across and some of the pros and cons of their use:


Super Automatic, Bean to Cup, Coffee Maker: - Best Home Espresso Machine Choice?

super-automatic espresso machine imageBean-to-cup coffee makers are excellent for those looking for the best coffee possible, directly from the bean. Unlike other models, bean-to-cup coffee machines have an in-built coffee mill - so there's no requirement to utilize less fresh ground coffee or to buy a separate coffee grinder

The bean-to-cup process is mostly used in super-automatic espresso machines: you merely place coffee grains in the hopper and the machine grinds, tamps the delivers the correct quantity of espresso coffee with one touch of a button. There's no need to use a portafilter - the machine does all that..

On the minus side, super automatic espresso machines are costlier than other designs and they can be significantly noisy to run. They are generally bigger than other coffee machines.

On the plus side, they're much less messy to use and make excellent coffee.

Devices of these kind do basically everything for the coffee enthusiast. All he or she has to do is fill it with water, coffee beans and the like and press the start button.

Brand names include DeLonghi, Gaggia, Jura and Seaco.


Semi Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines: Follow the Barista Route?

semi automatic espresso makerSemi automatic espresso machines: In these machines, part of the process of getting the coffee down and into your cup is automated, however the most important feature of the semi automatic is that it gives you more control of the coffee extraction process than with a fully automated coffee espresso maker.

Semi automatics break down into two major types with pressure derived from motor driven pump or from manual lever driven piston:

  • Numerous coffee connoisseurs choose to opt for the totally manually-operated espresso machine instead. These are stripped down to a handle press and very little more, however many feel there's something superior in managing every aspect of transforming the coffee from base product to completed nectar.
  • The Pump espresso makers are the most popular range of espresso makers for commercial use. A later offspring of the piston driven machine, commercial pump espresso machines are typically plumbed in to a water source and use a timing device to insure that every shot of espresso pulled is of the same quality.
  • These piston-driven espresso makers are based upon the original handle-levered, espresso makers from long ago. They are the reason for the remarkable crema we have all come to know and enjoy. The piston driven espresso device requires more manual work. This is where the term 'pulling a shot' come from.

Therefore semi automated espresso machines allow you to quickly manage the quantity of coffee and water you use, meaning you can brew your perfect cup just as you like it.

Picking a home coffee machine that takes ground coffee offers the biggest range of options and ground coffee is more affordable than utilizing capsules, too.

One drawback however, is that these traditional espresso machines can be more fiddly, unpleasant and challenging to clean than other coffee machine ranges. Also for the freshest coffee a separate coffee grinder will be required.

Brands include DeLonghi, Breville and Magimix with cost starting at around $50


Steam Espresso Machines: An Inexpensive Alternative

steam-espresso-machineWorth a mention these stem driven units can only produce about three bars of pressure verses a commercial machine that will produce around nine bars. Therefore many coffee afficianados maintain that steam-driven machines do not produce genuine espresso but rather a very strong, dark coffee with a taste approximating to espresso.

On the positive side, a steam-driven espresso machine is an inexpensive alternative. Many drinkers won’t even recognise the difference between traditional and steam produced espresso, making these lower cost machines a good option to buy when budget is limited.


Single Serve Capsule Coffee Machine: - Your Top Home Espresso Machine?

Perhaps the quickest route to single serve capsule espresso machine imageeconomical homemade espresso. Capsule coffee machines (eg Nespresso, Dolche Gusto) provide espresso for people who are too busy to mess around with complicated equipment and do not want to go to the cost of buying a super automatic coffee maker.

Rather than grinding your own coffee, you just load a small, encapsulated mini-container of ground coffee into your unit, press a button, and wait a few moments for a single cup of hot espresso.

Capsules: The plastic and metal coffee capsules are usually loaded into a non-removable receptacle on the machine. The capsules have an outer rim that remains dry during use, enabling clean and convenient disposal after use.

A major drawback is that the majority of capsule devices only utilize one designated capsule (eg Nespresso, Dolce Gusto) despite there being a wide variety of capsules on the market.

Additionally, the coffee you'll get from a capsule maker is costly. A single cup from a capsule can cost nearly 3 times that from ground espresso coffee.

Many people confuse coffee capsules with coffee pods, nevertheless they are entirely different:: -

Coffee Pods: such as those used in ‘ESE Pod’ or ‘Senseo’ coffee makers consist of coffee held inside filter paper, somewhat similar to a large tea-bag, which can be used in several semi-automatic coffee machines instead of tamped coffee.


Stove-top Espresso Makers: - Are You an Occasional Espresso Drinker?

stovetop espresso maker imageSometimes called stove-top percolators this title also includes the moka pots and macchinettas. Stove-top espresso makers come under the espresso maker title because while they do not generate heat to create the steam pressure for brewing, they do have an extraction ratio that resembles true espresso, and can, in some cases, even form a crema.

However, they come nowhere near the standard 9 bar pressure required to extract true espresso. In fact, they generally max out around 1.5 bars. They only makes one cup at a time and must cool between cups.

On the plus side, they are very inexpensive, portable and take up little space. As such they are a good nomination for best home espresso machine for the camper or occasional espresso drinker.