Red Coffee Maker

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If you are like most people, having a red coffee maker sitting on your counter waiting to work its magic to give you your favorite coffee brew in the morning (or anytime of day for that matter) really hasn’t entered your mind. And I say, “Why not?”

After all, kitchens are meant to be a bright and colorful place. In fact many of us decorate our kitchens using great care to make it both appealing and unique. So why not take that one step further and start thinking about adding color with the various countertop appliances that you use on a daily basis.

Red Coffee MakerThere must be something to this idea of using color to make something that is mundane and boring into something that actually enhances its space because one of the most well known makers of kitchen mixers has been selling their appliance in various vibrant colors for years and years. Oh, and wouldn’t you know it, their most popular color is red! Must be something to that I would imagine.

But you haven’t landed here to talk about mixers. Maybe you want to know if a red coffee maker will work for you. Or maybe you want to know if there is a whole lot of difference between going for a red one and choosing the standard, drab coffee machines that you have bought in the past. So if you are ready to bring just a little more color into your kitchen, let’s get started shall we?

Choosing a Red Coffee Maker To Fit Your Lifestyle

Because the color red is very popular in drip coffee machines, you certainly are not going to lack for choices when it comes time to add one to your kitchen. Now this can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

On the good side, most of todays major appliance makers have put out a drip coffee maker in some shade of red. On the bad side, choosing one might get a tad confusing because there are so many choices with so many features! With the technology that now exists, you can put a whole bunch of extras into todays coffee makers that didn’t even exist as little as just a few years back.

The easiest way I would recommend you go about choosing is to actually make a laundry list of the things you want. A couple of examples might be how many cups because you can get anywhere from single cup drip coffee machines all the way up to 14 cups!

Also, do you need it programable, do you need built in water filtration, do you need the ability to determine brew strength, do you need it to wash the dishes and clean the counters! Ooops! That last one is on my list and I still haven’t found one that will do it!

But you kind of get the idea. Think of it this way. The more bells and whistles that you choose, naturally the more you are going to spend. And just so you know, since the market is so competitive, you’ll find a red coffee maker is just about any price range that you can imagine.


What Is The Best Red Coffee Maker?

That’s an excellent question and one that really can’t be answered. It would be like trying to compare Ford versus Chevy. As I said earlier, the top name appliance makers all have drip coffee makers to offer. All it really boils down to is your budget, your taste in how the coffee maker looks and like I said above, the bells and whistles that you want to have.

What you will find here on our site that might help you though, is a look at some of these brands, in all price ranges, and let you know exactly how they are performing for people who already have parted with their hard earned cash. Maybe it will help you in making your choice as to which red coffee maker you want sitting on your kitchen counter!

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